T183 - Transmitter Identification

I think that I am having a bit of an issue here, and I’m not sure how to properly solve this.

The “Transmitter identification” in Part 4 of the T183 form says “Name of Person or firm”. For some reason Taxcycle is including both my firm name, as well as the contact person (name & designation) details in that box instead of the firm name only. My Efile number is registered only to my firm name, so technically speaking, the transmitter name on the T183 form does not match with the transmitter number on the T183.

I can work around this by deleting my first name, last name and designation from the “Options—>Preparer Details” area, but that creates other issues. Once I delete that information I find the “Contact Person” on the Engagement area of the T2 and the “Contact Person” in some of the T-slips modules disappears.

Are your “Preparer Details” to be left totally blank in the Options area if you have a firm?

What I’m trying to determine is how I get my firm’s name to show up by itself on the T183 form where it says “Name of Person or firm”.


I’ve just looked at this and I see that we are using different logic for this field on the T2 when compared with the T1.

Steven Yu has just completed the T2 certification process with CRA, so I’ll check with him and see if this is a certification requirement – unlikely, given the wording on the form which you’ve pointed out… but, I’ve learned not to assume anything.

For the T1, we use the firm name if there is one, and the preparer name if there isn’t a firm. Steven will check and respond here tomorrow, and make any adjustments as required.

Thanks for the feedback.

~ Cameron


Thank you for pointing that out. First, T183 is not a form that is certified by the CRA during the T2 certification process. So, the CRA doesn’t define what name to be used in T183Corp Part 4 “Name of person or firm” field. So, the fact that the calculation of the transmitter name in T1 T183 is different from T2 T183Corp is not a result of a CRA requirement. More likely, this is because we updated that specific calc in T1 but not T2.

For now, I will update T2 so that the transmitter name field works like T1. So, look for this change in the next upcoming T2 release in a day or two.

You mentioned that your Efile number is registered only to your firm name. For the transmitter name in T183, I would assume that many preparers would use the name that they used to register as Efilers.
So, that name can be:

  • Individual preparer name
  • Legal firm name
  • Operating firm name

So, quite possibly, TaxCycle may not calculate the exact name that one wishes to use in T183. I will talk this over with the team and see if we could make this a bit more customizable in the future.

Have a great day!


As a side comment, please be aware that there are also the TP1000 forms which also have transmitter names (and addresses) on them. Revenu Quebec insists that the transmitter name be the LEGAL name on file ON THEIR COMPUTER. Given that my name is actually different between both the CRA and Revenu Quebec’s computer, I typically have to fight with one or the other.

So, if you are looking at this, perhaps you could look at the whole problem…

Thank you


So am I correct in saying that what we need are more distinct preparer/firm name settings?

  1. Preparer and Firm name for client correspondence
  2. CRA/T1T183/T1 page 4/T1 ADJ/T2 T183 Firm Name OR preparer name
  3. Revenue Quebec/TP1000 Firm Name OR preparer name

Hopefully we don’t need to allow for a different name for different forms for the same taxing entity… ie: Firm A on the T1 T183 and Firm B on the T2 T183… but if we do, it would be good to know now. It’s a fairly chunky undertaking (mostly testing), so if it’s required I’d like to address it all at once.

~ Cameron

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Yes, the firm name element is weak. The issue I run into in Alberta here is that my PC name is Bert Mulder, Professional Corporation. As a CPA firm, my firm is registered with CPA Alberta as Bert Mulder, Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant.

However, if I put that into the organization operating name, on form T183(CORP), for instance, you get Bert Mulder, Professional Corporation, Bert Mulder, Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant. (or would, if field was large enough).

Which brings up another slight annoyance, in that on the T2 in field 958 I will get ‘BERT MULDER,’, in all caps, even though I have chosen for proper style, and also, ‘CPA, CGA’ is dropped (not that anyone ever reads this field).

In addition, in fields 950 and 951 client name is capitalized…

On the T1, in field 190 I get Bert Mulder, CPA, CGA, Bert Mulder Professional Corporation. Would prefer this to be Bert Mulder, Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant.

On the T183 (personal), I get Bert Mulder Professional Corporation (if field was long enough). Again, would prefer ‘firm registered operating name’.

My understanding (of course, this is from many years ago) is that Part 4 of the corporation T183 form and Part F of the individual T183 form “Name of person or Firm” needed to be the “legal name” of the entity the Electronic Filer Number actually belonged to. This information is available by logging into your CRA Efiler account and under “Efile Maintenance” it is the name listed there… the one that you are not permitted to change.

Several years ago I was asked to mail in a handful of individual signed T183 forms. These forms had my individual name and designation as the Electronic Filer in Part F. I had my wrist slapped by the CRA because the name of the Efiler did not match the name they had on file for that Efile Account, even though they acknowledged that I was the person listed on the account as the “contact name - responsible for electronic filing”.

So yes, it is my opinion that Tim and Cameron are correct.

The good thing is the Options area of Taxcycle already has room for the Legal Name, Organization name, Contact Person, and Preparer details in the Contact & Address, and Preparer sections so it might just be a matter of drawing the required information from fields that are already there.

@Bert… what name does it show when you log into the maintenance area of your Efile account with CRA? I believe this is the name that should be on the T183 forms.

I went looking at some of the other Quebec forms and letters and it is really inconsistent across the board. Here is what I spotted so far:

So you understand, I am

  • Tim Parris as Firm Name
  • Full legal name as Individual including middle name at the CRA
  • No middle name for Quebec’s computers, which has to match EXACTLY what their computer has or the entire thing is rejected! So this is my Preparer Name

(I have seriously thought about legally changing my name, just so to make all three names the same. But why???)


  • T183 Part G - Reports Firm for me
  • T1-490, T1135, (Wrong - Preparer or Firm, but not both)
  • TP1000 Part 1 (Wrong - Preparer or Firm, but not both)
  • T1013 Part 2 (sub part A or B, Name, Group or Business) (Good for me - Firm)
  • MR69 Part 2 Fields 12 or Fields 13 (Wrong My MR69 is NOT completing correctly at all as I get BOTH fields 12 and fields 13 completed and it should be one or the other)
  • T1-ADJ (Wrong Displays preparer name instead of firm name)
  • TP1ADJ (Wrong Does not display preparer name or firm name)
  • RC59 Part 2 (Right - Firm Name)
  • T1153 (Right - Firm Name)
  • RC71 (I don’t use… don’t know)
  • RC72 (Don’t know)
  • CInvoice (Fine)
  • CLetter (All letters really, Signature is by preparer and firm name, which looks really odd in my case)

(Perhaps someone who handles a lot of these could make some suggestions.)


  • T3ADJ (Wrong - Preparer or Firm, but not both)
  • T1013 (Works)
  • T1153 (Wrong - Preparer or Firm, but not both)
  • RC59 (Works)
  • T3RET (Wrong - Preparer or Firm, but not both)
  • Quebec forms…? Have no idea as these are not available yet.
  • Letter (Odd, same as the T1 letters for signature)


We have a similar issue, although I’m not sure how common our particular scenario here would be. The name we have registered for efile is the name of our operating association name (i.e. an association of two PCs that we operate with on the front door) so we always use the same efiling credentials. However, for representative authorizations (ex. T1013/RC59), we were not able to register the operating association name, but instead have to submit these with the business number of whichever PC the client is working with.

Right now I have two options profiles setup on our server with the PC names set as the firm legal name (so T1013s/RC59s and other fields are auto-filled correctly), and we just override the T183 fields to match our operating name.

In order to fix this (which I think would solve the problem for most other scenarios mentioned as well) I was thinking a couple extra buttons could be added to the “T1013, RC59, MR-69” options form relating to the T183 that would allow for 4 states: 1)Use firm legal name (default selection), 2)Use firm operating name 3)Use preparer name, 4)Other: [input field] .

Just a thought - as I said I think our particular situation wouldn’t be very common so we won’t be heart broken if we have to continue to override; however, I think that type of flexibility might solve the issue in a variety of situations.


As an Efiler, I am registered as Bert Mulder Professional Corporation. Talked to the Efile helpdesk, and they said, in theory I could change that, except that it would run to many characters…

And, as you said, on the T183 you should have the name as registered for your Efile number.

What we were thinking of doing is changing the logic so we use

  1. Legal name if there is one, if not, then use
  2. Operating name if there is one, if not, then use
  3. Preparer name with the designation

But do I understand correctly that you use your legal name for the authorization forms and the operating name of the T183 forms?

If we add a button to change these settings, we would probably do it on the Engagement form, where we have all of the information spelled out. Would that work? Do we need a separate option for every form type, or could we group them as:

Filing forms - T183/T1/T2/T1-ADJ
[ ] Legal name [ ] Operating name [ ] Preparer name

Representative Authorizations (T1013/RC59)
[ ] Legal name [ ] Operating name [ ] Preparer name

TP1 forms
[ ] Legal name [ ] Operating name [ ] Preparer name

Defaults would be set on the options form, which would flow to the Engagement form, then from the engagement form we’d set the values on the other forms…

How simple can we make this and still solve the problem for everyone?

~ Cameron

As with the authorization forms, I thought the T183 form also needed to be the legal name of the firm, although I can’t positively confirm this because my legal name and my firm name are one in the same.

To muddy the waters…

On the T183 (personal) we need the firm name as registered wtih CRA, for our efiler number. Suggest you have that name in the options file under ‘Transmissions Options’, next to the Efile Number. (I have Bert Mulder Professional Corporation)

For the rest, my requirements are, if I get picky about it, to have my firm operating name as per CPA Alberta (Bert Mulder Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant)… Would suggest that be drawn from the Options file as ‘Organization Operating Name’., and flow to the appropriate fields on the tax return, such as the T1, T2, etc.

And then there are the ‘contact’ field requirements. I would suggest there you draw from the contact info on the options file, First name, last name, and designation.

@BertMulderCGA just gave me a thought…

How about this?

  • CRA Firm/Preparer name (To be used on all paperwork for CRA forms)
  • RevQue Firm name (To be used on all paperwork for RevQue EXCEPT MR-69 which has special rules)
  • RevQue MR-69 name, which has five fields on the options profile. (See below for logic)
  • Firm Name (To be used for correspondence and communications)
  • Preparer name (To be used for correspondence and communications)
  • Option to have firm, preparer, or firm and preparer name on communications (which changes the letters)

MR69 doesn’t seem possible to use the same logic as in other forms, as it is so unique

MR69 logic:

  • If completing for only the preparer, fill in fields 10b, 12, 12a, 12b
  • If completing for the firm, fill in fields 10a, 13, 13a and 13b.
  • Note that the two are mutually exclusive. (you can’t have the 12 series boxes completed at the same time as the 13 series of boxes.)

This means that Options are missing information for:

  1. Representative’s last three digits of their SIN {{CurrentClient.MR69.DesignatedPerson.SIN}}
  2. Preparer’s Firm’s Represenative (legal first and last name) as it may not be the preparer {{CurrentClient.MR69.DesignatedPerson.FirstName}} {{CurrentClient.MR69.DesignatedPerson.LastName}}
  3. Preparer’s Firm’s Representative’s telephone extension {{CurrentClient.MR69.DesignatedPerson.TelephoneExtension}}
  4. Preparer’s Professional Representative Number (Quebec) {{CurrentClient.MR69.DesignatedPerson.ProfessionalRepresentativeNumber}}

(I suspect that we may need to have a chat on Tuesday next week when you are in Ottawa about the MR69 form. I don’t fully understand the logic on how RevQue uses this form, but I’ve had difficulty in getting it processed in the past. I’ve only recently managed to produce versions that they will actually register!)

That’s correct - the CRA has allowed us to use our operating name for efiling (an association of two PCs), so we always use the same efile credentials regardless of which PC has done the work. To keep things simple we wanted to do the same for authorizations, but the CRA wouldn’t allow us to register our operating name on that front. Therefore, for T1013s and RC59s, we have to enter the business number and legal name of the specific PC that the client has engaged.

Your solution would certainly allow us to solve our issue, and thanks again for all the work you’re putting into this.


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I think based on the other conversations, we need to do add one more:

  • CRA Firm/Preparer Name (all CRA forms, except authorization)
  • CRA Firm/Preparer Name (for authorization forms. we could add this to the T1013/RC59 etc options page)
  • RevQue Firm name (To be used on all paperwork for RevQue EXCEPT MR-69 which has special rules)
  • Firm Name (To be used for correspondence and communications)
  • Preparer name (To be used for correspondence and communications)

The last option can be configured by changing the templates, so I’d prefer not to add another option for that.

In all cases, we’d use the special field noted above if it’s filled in, and if it’s empty we’d use the legal firm name if that exists, and the preparer name if all that is blank.

This is a little different than my first proposal, but would be more flexible. Especially since punctuation is important for the CRA/RevQue documentation, and you’ll also want your correspondence to look nice.

I don’t have much experience with the MR69… I’m happy to discuss it, but you’ll probably have a better discussion by engaging @Annie or @Allen from our office. They both have contacts at Revenue Quebec so they could investigate further if required.

~ Cameron

The one that drives me bonkers is on page 4 of the T1 return.
If you have a firm name (Debora Klassen, CPA) and a preparer has completed the return (my employee) then page 4 gets both names dropped into the “Name of preparer” field.
Only my firm name should appear there, regardless of who did the data entry. I use the preparer field to track which employee has worked on the return, so I need to have the name in there.

I called the office yesterday after the course and discussed Part 2 and 3 of that form ad nauseam with the poor girl, Maryse. Specified exactly what I expected for those fields in Part 2. And then said that it would be really helpful to have at least one thing checked off on Part 3. There does not appear to be any diagnostic messages on that form (yet),

Please offer my abject apologies for bending her ear.

Today’s update has fixed this issue for me. Thanks again. :relaxed: