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Firm/Prepare names

Also applies to T2

I am a sole practitioner who employs a part time tax preparer during April. I’ve noticed that when the Preparer field is completed, the box at the bottom of Page 4 of the jacket puts both her name and my firm name on.
Is there a way I can have only my firm name show? I’d still like to be able to reference which returns she has done, but I don’t want her name on the return anywhere.

that would depend on your process, are you reviewing all the files before they are sent out?

Of course I am - It’s still my firm that is ultimately responsible for the filing

Then in that case, I would us the option package by including the firm information and updating the files during review. you do not need to update the preparer section


Thank you for your question.
In TaxCycle Engagement form, there are fields for 2 different preparer names.
For example, in T1 Engagement form:

  1. Office section - Preparer (means tax return preparer (basically, your staff))
  2. Preparer section - Preparer (means the representative, in this case, you, that goes on line 490 of T1 jacket page 4)

So, if you would like to have only your firm name show on line 490 of T1 jacket, you can remove the preparer first and last name in T1 Engagement form.

In a future release, we will do some work around how we can make this clearer as well as add an easy way to show firm name vs. partner + firm name vs only partner name to display on line 490 of T1 as well as T2.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


There we go! Thank you!