T2 Summary Identification Section

I don’t know if it’s always been like this and I’ve never noticed or if this is a recent change.

The Identification Section at the top of the T2 Summary is pulling the email and phone number from the contact person on the Information Schedule, when it should be using the Signing Officer’s information.

This is a problem because when I select “Use Firm” as the contact person, it puts my email address and phone number on the T2 Summary, instead of the company’s.

I use the T2 summary as the first page of the T2 file/printout I give to my clients and it really doesn’t make any sense for it to have my email and phone number in that spot.

This issue is unavoidable, because the only way to get my firm name and number on the bottom of the T2 Jacket as the “Contact Person” is to select “Use Firm” on the Information Schedule.

It would be much appreciated if this was fixed in an upcoming release.

That has always been that way. When the T2 module was first introduced back in Dec 2012, Info page did not have “Use firm” checkbox option. When that option was added, we should have changed the T2 summary calculation for the phone number and email address.

I have fixed it so that if “Use firm” check box is checked, TaxCycle T2 Summary will pick up phone # and email address of the authorized person in Info. I also made the fields in the T2 summary’s identification to be overridable so you can make changes to the field contents.

These changes will be in the next TaxCycle release.

Thanks for your post and have a great day!


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