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My question is somewhat related to @dklassencga post from 2016:
Firm/Prepare names - T1

In the client manager (see below), the “Last name” and “First name” fields show MY name (i.e. preparer) for some returns (T2, T4, T5), but this is not consistent. Some have an empty “last name” but the “first name” shows my firm name, and others show simply “corporation”. Why? Is this info being pulled from different fields? For T1 clients, these name fields always show the client name. Shouldn’t this be consistent for T2/T4/T5 returns?

Perhaps also related, when I am customizing filenames for PDF generation (see below), the “Client name” fields show MY name. How do I get those fields to show the client name?

Do you use the Client ID field on the Engagement form? Client Manager will index two (or more) clients as the same entity if the Client ID field matches.

For non-individual returns, Client Manager is reading the value entered into the entity’s name field on the Info form. e.g. T2 is CurrentClient.Info.ID.CorporationName & T4 is CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.Name.

Would it be possible to share a return with our support team that is not indexing correctly?

Hi @Andrew,
Yes I do use that field, and my Server Setting is the same as you have shown.
In my T2 files, CurrentClient.Info.ID.CorporationName shows the actual corp name.
In my T4 files, CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.Name shows the actual corp name.
Yes, I can share a return - through eCourier? How do I do that again?

(LOL - your support team is not indexing correctly?)

If you have an e-courier account, send your file (or two) to If you don’t have an e-courier account you’ll need to set one up first.