Where to set up the Preparer Name that shows in File History

Hi, I’m guessing this is likely an easy question, but I am brand new to TaxCycle and I’m trying to figure out where TaxCycle is pulling the “Preparer’s Name” that shows up under HISTORY in the file information section for a T1 return. I believe I have completed all the preparer name sections in the options profile (for example Under: TaxCycle - Organization - Preparer). It seemed like it was taking my computer name, but I also changed this name and rebooted my computer and still no change when I save files in TaxCycle.

I tried to find a previous feed that addressed this, but did not see anything.
Any help would be appreciated.

Options - Organization - Preparer

That’s what I originally assumed. However, I believe I have entered my name in the correct preparer section (see screen shots below of my Preparer section of Options and the History page showing me as “Owner”). (Hopefully my attachments work)

Interesting, works for me…

Perhaps it is the name registered in your TaxCycle account login? Go to File → Help and see what name it shows where it says, “Signed in as…”

I’ve never reviewed the history log before, but I would have expected to see the actual preparer’s name there - from the Preparer field on the Engagement tab. (it is definitely not using that field)

It doesn’t seem to be using my “signed in as” name either… I’m stumped.

We are new to tax cycle as well, and to my understanding, the history is logged based on the system (windows) log in, not the options package. So if they are working on computers that do not require a personal windows log in, it will show the owner in the registry.

The options package will log the information on the engagement and then push out to the rest of the return regardless of the windows log in

I hope that makes sense.