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Latest update

Can someone elaborate on this item under the Release Details for today’s update?

:black_medium_small_square:A new shortcut has been added for running DoxCycle under Terminal Services.

Depending on how you have your Terminal Services environment setup, it was possible for one instance of TaxCycle to communicate with another instance of DoxCycle running in another session. Starting DoxCycle/TaxCycle with this shortcut ensures that we create a session unique communication point for TaxCycle and DoxCycle to share. We will be making this the default behaviour post T1 filing season.

I should also note that if you start DoxCycle using this shortcut, you should also start TaxCycle using its Terminal Services shortcut as well.

That is good as we are having that issue.

Where do we find these new shortcuts, or are their switches we can add to the current shortcuts.

The full setups create new “TaxCycle (Terminal Services)” and “DoxCycle (Terminal Services)” shortcuts under the Program Files menu.

To manually enable this start-up module, the switch is:


If either application is started with from a shortcut with this switch, it will automatically start the other with the same switch when needed.

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Thanks - added the switch and it works perfectly now.

(I also had a look at the start menu for the TS shortcuts. There was one in the DoxCycle group, probably due to today’s update, but for some reason there isn’t once in the TaxCycle group. It was easy enough to edit the existing shortcuts, though.)