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Carry forward and link opens a new instance

When we carry forward and link from TaxCycle, we get a new instance of DoxCycle opening even if there is already an instance running. Is this happening to others? Is there a setting we need to change to stop this?

Not sure if this will fix it but under the sharing sections in options I have them checked in Taxcycle an unchecked in Doxcycle. On my two computer office I only ever get one instance of Doxcycle unless I open a second.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

Just looked at my setting. They are the same as yours. So that must not be what is causing it. I don’t remember this happening last year.

Are you sharing an options profile or running local on the machine it is happening on?

We are sharing options and running on terminal services.

I have to admit it was happening on my helpers machine beginning of season. I thought those were the only changes I made. I may have also unchecked allowing Doxcycle to open on multiple monitors under display. If that doesn’t do you have exhausted my knowledge base. :grinning:

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That seems to have fixed it.