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Opening Doxcycle

I am not sure I like Doxcycle being removed from the ribbon in Taxcycle. What I would like is a quicker way to open the associated Doxcycle file after opening the Taxcycle file. If it exists I have missed it. Could we get a keyboard shortcut that would do this?

Not sure what you are talking about, as the new feature in Taxcycle (and Doxcycle) is that you can add items to the ribbon. As such, I have added Doxcycle to the ribbon in Taxcycle…

I guess I missed that. Thanks for the update. I will explore.

I can’t see how to add it to the ribbon like it was but I have now added it to the Quick Access Toolbar. That will work for me. I must be getting old, I liked it the way it was and am resisting change. :grin:


My apologies. I said ribbon, and meant Quick access toolbar…

It is the quick access toolbar you can add items to…

First thing I did when I saw the change was to add it to the Quick Access bar. But I agree with you that a keyboard shortcut would be nice – as long as it is a shortcut and not some abstract 4 key combination :slight_smile:

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Good News everyone it is back the link for doxcycle thank you to Cameron and the team for putting it back .