Family invoice - download and try it

By customer request, we’ve created a new template for creating an invoice for all family members in a TaxCycle file. The new template is called FInvoice (or FactureF in French). It gathers the billing details from the Billing worksheets in the principal taxpayer, spouse, and any dependants in the TaxCycle T1 file.

We are not adding this to the built-in templates this late in the season, but we would love it if a few preparers would try it out and see what they think. Once we get feedback, we can let you know.

Family Invoice_French.taxcycleTemplate (15.9 KB)
Family Invoice.taxcycleTemplate (15.5 KB)

You will need to add this template to your print sets if you want to use it there. This Family invoice can replace your Joint invoice altogether, so if you like it, you will want to remove the Joint invoice from your print set.


Even though I do not do invoicing through Taxcycle, the form you designed is useful to me as input form into Quickbooks.


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Thank you @BertMulderCGA.

I have made a slight update the files in the zip folder based on feedback from a customer. The Relevant condition has been changed so that it works for a couple who don’t have children. So, truly replacing the Joint Invoice. The new condition is

((aggregate(File.Dependants, "BillingWorksheet.Totals.Total") > 0) or (CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.Total + CurrentSpouse.BillingWorksheet.Totals.Total > 0)) and CurrentClient = File.Principal

We are trying to decide whether to replace the built-in Joint Invoice for next season with this Family Invoice… The only draw-back is that a couple with dependants who want you to invoice those dependants separately would then not have an invoice that should just the couple. What you do you all think? Do you have many clients for whom you invoice the couple on their own and the dependants separately?

i like this new form. I dont use the invoice template except to see what is the charge to be done. but this makes it much easier as now i only have to look at one form instead of both. One thing i would like added for next year is to have the option of using this combined billing when linking with QuickBooks online that way i could click a button and have everything done for me

There are options to combine the billing when posting to QuickBooks in options:

thanks for this i havent notice this before. But then i usally just carryforward every year and never really look closly at the invoicing section.

My experience has been if dependents wanted to pay their own invoices, they would usually come in alone and their return would not be coupled with those of their parents - so mostly university/college students.

Other than that, I invoice the family and leave it to the parents to “collect” from the dependents if they want to!


@Cameron or @Elizabeth: Is there a way to get the number of clients in the file? I tried File.Clients.Count (and File.Clients.count), but that didn’t work.

Edit to add:
Also I wanted repeat through the File.Clients, but have something different when it is the File.Principal. So I tried:
{{# File.Principal}} This {{/end}} {{# not(File.Principal)}} That {{/end}}
But I got
This That
For the principal and all dependents. Is there a way to have different text for the Principal?


I can’t believe you didn’t figure this out yourself :slight_smile:

There’s no direct way to get the number of clients, but I figured out a little hack using an existing function.

{{ aggregate(File.Clients, “1”) }}

If you have a loop, and you want to treat one of the taxpayers differently, the “.” will return the value of the current client, so you can check to see if it matches the principal, like this:

{{# File.Clients }}
{{# . = File.Principal}}
This is Principal
{{/ . = File.Principal}}
{{# . != File.Principal}}
This is not the principal
{{/ . != File.Principal}}
{{/ File.Clients}}

Give that a try and let me know if you need more info.

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Thanks. I appreciate the hack :wink:
I can’t believe you didn’t include a count function :grin:

Implemented and working perfectly! Thanks again.

We have added a category where you can share files like these with others.

Please read the Share your Excel and TaxCycle Templates post to learn more.

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Love the Family Invoice. Any idea when the box lines can be removed.

Also, don’t remove the Joint Invoice. It’s nice to have options.

Thanks for the feedback!
By “box lines,” do you mean the borders on the invoice table?



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We added the lines back in based on requests from other preparers. I can probably create a version for you without border, though. Hang on.

Thank you, I would appreciate that. I don’t use anything else for my invoicing soTax Cycle invoice is what my clients receive.

For those who want them, here are versions of the Family invoice templates that have no borders:

Family Invoice.taxcycleTemplate (15.1 KB)
Family Invoice_French.taxcycleTemplate (15.5 KB)

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You guys really are amazing :slight_smile: Thanks so much for this!

Is the FInvoice template no longer available for download? If I click on the link it doesn’t work.
I’d love to use it.