Has anyone heard of Verifyle Pro?

Has anyone heard of Verifyle Pro?. It has shown up in my facebook feeds, and it appears to be free to CPA’s for first year and $6/mth afterwards. It appears to be able to handle secure communications with clients, has ability to share files and also ability to handle digital signatures. I was just curious if anyone had used it before.

Same question. I’m seeing lots of FB promotion of Verifyle Pro but can’t find much in the way of reviews. Anybody tried it?

I started using it a bit over the last 4 months since the CPA association announced they were paying for the first year. It looks very promising. I am going to set it up with each client having their own “thread” so they can only see that thread. I tested it with my multiple emails to see what each could see and different threads within the same board can have different permissions and then clients can only see what you want them to see. I will see how my clients like it - a combined portal/messenger system. So far a couple of clients that are my guinea pigs like it. It can do electronic signatures but I doubt the CRA will accept them as they are the typed kind of electronic signature with the authentication buried in the file so it doesn’t work to print it out and fax it to them when they want signatures. After the CPA paid period is over my practice is small enough that I can use the free version (three boards/unlimited threads per board/150 files per board) and just make sure that files are not just sitting there using up the limited number of files allowed. It looks better than dropbox and email which is what my clients primarily use now for the same functions.

You might look at Proton Mail - it’s free