Best E-Signature Program

<U firm has signed up for the TaxCycle signature system mainly because of the productivity gains we get and also allows us to better manage the workflow. IT is also easier for our clients to sign electronically.

We also use Caseware for our working papers. Does anyone recommend a good cost effective e-signature system?

I have been using signnow for the past 9 years for all document signatures, in person or remote.

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“Nitro” appears to be another option.


I am paying only 250 for unlimited documents or envelopes…


I used Signnow last year and am trying Taxfolder this year. I also am currently signed up with Verifyle Pro. CPA’s can sign up free for a year, and after that 50% off.

I signed up for SignNow and sofar it is meeting all my needs . Support by Chat has been excellent.

@ddickca Is there a promo code needed for CPAs to get the free version of verifyle ? Does it support E-signature? I am currently trying out HelloSign which is working out ok. It’s $20 US per month.

I don’t think there was a promo code, but I followed a CPA link and needed to log in…

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It is on the CPA Canada website. And Verifyle Pro does support esignature. Free for 1 year and then $6 per month afterwards. You would go into members area and then look for savings and offers. Verifyle will be in there.


thank you for helping me learn

thank you. You saved me a lot of time

thank you.

what price did they give you?