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For our T1, T2 and T3 modules, are there any forms that we should add that are currently prepared outside TaxCycle but which would be easier to prepare if they were in TaxCycle?

We will be adding the Saskatchewan Supplemental Information Form to T1 in our next release. Along with Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and PEI all have their own forms. Generally, we have stuck to the forms on which the income and expenses are reported.

How about ISP-3550 - GIS Application. Some seniors don’t want to set up an Service Canada account, so we have to do it manually.

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Admin staff have a few requests for the FF module :slight_smile:

  • CPT30 Election to Stop Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan, or Revocation of a Prior Election
  • ISP-1603_OAS Consent to communicate Information to an Authorized Person
  • ISP-1000 Application for a Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension
  • ISP-3550 Application for the Old Age Security Pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement
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I have an excel template I use for AgriStability which I use to ensure the change from the PY ending jives with the CY ending from the client. I’ve been using since the inception of CAIS and I think it was based on one of the original worksheets back then. Help me ensure that everything makes sense and get a lot less calls from AgStab because I can fist ask the client why its off. I then record the production and ending inventory to TaxCycle.

Here’s a a snip of the livestock section on my sheet.


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@grangers2016 That very closely resembles the livestock table in the Alberta supplementary form which we do have in T2.

@andrew_d We already have the CPT30 in our T1 module since it is only for individuals.

As for the ISP forms, I am not sure adding them to TaxCycle would save you enough time (as compared to filling out the fillable forms provided by Service Canada) to offset the time it would take us to develop and maintain them. Also not sure if Service Canada would accept anything but their official form…sort of like the Direct Deposit form that Public Works refuses to allow software to generate due to possible formatting differences that would cause their optical character recognition (OCR) system to not be able to process incoming forms without human intervention.

@Allen that form look great, I’m in Manitoba and would use it if it was in the T1 as a T1273 worksheet.

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll let them know.

Makes sense, though there’s something to be said for having all these forms in one place and also not having to search for them when we need them

Fair point. Thanks for the reply

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I’m looking for something like this. Just wondering if would you care to share? Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Agri Stability provides these anymore in excel format? Or does someone else know of a similar template


Hi Nicole,

Would you share the excel template to the group.

Thank you

Use at your own discretion.

@grgpenner @mjeconsulting

As I said in my original post I created this way back when the Farm programs first started tracking inventory. Has helped me find inventory inconstancies with clients before submitting the application, generally avoiding those type of questions from the Administration.

2021 AgStab Inventory1.xlsx (22.5 KB)

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