T2062 Forms

We frequently prepare T2062 forms is there any updates on when these forms would be available in TaxCycle?

I think there was talk about a forms package being rolled out; however, I am not sure if that is still on the agenda.

I could be wrong on this, but since so many forms are now available from CRA as fill-in’s, believe their thinking on that has changed, except for certain very popular forms requiring calculations, which will generally be added to an associated module.

Please correct me if my understanding on this is not correct

I don’t think that forcing us to rely on online fillable forms is acceptable. Those forms never print properly… how unprofessional!!

Simple matter of economics. If you wish to pay Taxcycle enough for it to be economical to them, I am sure they will put a package together for you…

The CRA online fillable forms always print correctly for me. Perhaps it is your setup or procedure that needs a tweak.

As for a “Forms package”, as long as it is kept as a module to the Taxcycle system, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but the reason I’m here is the economics of this package. I don’t need to pay for a ton of stuff that I never need.

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