Forms Module

Thank you for adding the GST190 & GST191 forms to the module.

I will find it very useful as I seem to have a few of these a year to complete.

Would you be able to add the RC7191-ON to complete the forms needed for the rebate in Ontario?

I’d like to see RC 145 added as well - Thanks

The RC145 is presently in the Forms module - look for it under the “Other Filing” index of forms.

~ Rob

Glad to hear the GST forms will be utilized frequently, RC7191-ON has been added in when Info form has province of Ontario selected - it then creates a GST191ON version.

~ Rob

Ah yes. I was closing GST account so only looked there. Thank you!

On working on a GST/HST New Housing Rebate I now discover the RC7191-ON form exists!

However it is strangely not listed in the “All forms” section which is where I had looked previously. It also does not show up on a search. Presumably though it is created once the province of Ontario is entered.

On another note on the GST191WS form the font or print size in a couple of the columns is really a problem as the results are quite truncated. Specifically the first two columns. Is there anything that can be done to change this?

Another problem. Invoice numbers from GST191WS are disappearing after closing and reopening Taxcycle.

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on addressing the font size and disappearing invoice numbers on the GST191WS. Fixes are planned to be released with the next update mid to late November.


Love the forms module.

Would like to see the addition of the following:-

  • RC65 Marital Status Change
  • T1158 Registration of Family Support Payments

Over time I would like all the CRA forms supported.

Would be nice if Tax Cycle can add form T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment to the Form Module.

Rein, the T2200 is in the T1 Module, if that helps?

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and in the T4 module…

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Thanks. Didn’t know that.

Thanks Bert.