Forms and T5013

I have noticed a few bugs in the latest releases, but I am not sure if they are just me:

  1. When I rolled forward a T5013 from 2015 to 2016 module, the business number did not seem to carry forward.

  2. I tried to carry forward a 2015 Forms file to 2016, but get the message: TaxCycle was unable to carry forward the file. It doesn’t say why but it lists the file in the message as the filename(SIN).2015FF.2015FF adding the extra 2015FF (which is not actually part of the file name). So I though if it thinks it is there, maybe adding it will help. Nope it them said the file was named filename(SIN).2015FF.2015FF.2015FF.2015FF. Next I tried dropping the extension all together. The file name showed up on the dialog as Filebame(SIN))

I don’t know if it is actually trying to load the filename in the dialog, but if so, that would explain why it can’t carry it forward.


We ran some tests with the latest public version of TaxCycle (version 30579) as well as the other competitors’ software to try to reproduce what you reported with the T5013 carry forward and we do no get the same results. If you want you can securely send us the file in question to via e-Courier so we can look into it further. Just remove the sensitive information from the file prior to sending it.

For the forms module, we are in the process of adding the carry forward feature to it. We expect to have it ready to release in early 2017 (Jan./Feb.).