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Tax Shield on Carry Forward

It would be nice if the carry forward would complete the information on the Tax Shield (Form TP-1029.BF) rather than forcing me to copy the information from the prior year to the form.

Hi Tim!

The carry forward should work… which software are you carrying forward from?


From TaxCycle. I carried forward a Quebec resident to 2016 from 2015. The
2015 figures on the form were not populated.

Thanks Tim!

What version of TaxCycle was used to carry forward the file (File/History)? The carry forward related to TP-1029.BF was added in version 31252 released March 2nd, 2017. I understand you already manually entered the amounts but if you carried forward using a version released prior to March 2nd, you could try doing a refresh carry forward. That would bring in the values.


I did the original carryforward before that time. Since then, I was not aware that that the carryforward had been corrected and have been manually entering the 2015 information myself.