2016 updates for 5013 and Forms

I notice that the only two modules that don’t have 2016 dates are the 5013 and the Forms module. Do you have a date that we can expect a 2016 version for these? I am particularly interested in the 5013 module as I have a client with a 2016 year end that will need us to file soon.

The form may not get an update so it would stay at (15) I believe. i do not htink CRA really cares that much about the year of the form unless it is an actual tax return.

CRA’s versions are still 2015


@james1, I suspect you are correct on that. But I would at least like to be able to carry forward the file. And at this point when I go to do that in the 2015 module, 2015 is not available to carry forward (which makes sense). So even if the update uses the same form until a new one is released, it would be nice to have a 2016 module so rolling forward is possible and to avoid the confusion of having two files showing as xxx.2015T5013.

oops, I misunderstood the initial question. I am not sure why I thought you were taking about forms and not the actual modules. Reading is hard sometimes.

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We are working on our next release which will include 2016 T5013 and 2016 Forms modules along with TaxCycle performance improvements. We anticipate that it will be available as download only in about a week. As far as the 2016 Forms module is concerned, we will have the new module out there first then we will add the CFWD shortly after. Thank you for your question and patience.


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@Steven, I assume the 2016 T5013 module has been delayed. Do you have a new ETA for it?

@matthew We are working on it right now. We will have it out in a week or so. Thank you for your patience.

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