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Two Preparers?

Hi I am a sole proprietor and I have one employee, we both prepare taxes and I review her work
Is there a way that I can have both my name and her name in the program so we can select who is actually preparing the taxes?
Thank you

Engagement Information tab allows for input of

  • Tax return preparer

  • Preparer Number / ID

  • Review / Manager

  • Approver / Partner

I am not aware of an automated method from completion of the same as I am a sole practitioner with no data entry staff.

I imagine you could do this in your letter based on the contents of the tax preparer field (in the Engagement Information screen). However, if you are reviewing your employee’s work, and your employee has no liability for errors, shouldn’t you be the one signing the letter?

If you are working on different machines, you can set-up an Options Profile which would allow you to share your global TaxCycle options. Before you save, make sure to allow the Organization>Preparer section to be edited. When your employee loads this profile, they can then add their own credentials for this section.

Documentation on how to do this can be found at .