Finding the "last return done" or "next return due"

Not sure that this is actually possible, but:

I’d like to create a search that finds the last return “completed” for all T2 clients. This would then allow me to identify the “next return due” as well (either by rollover to incomplete status / saved search / date-sort).

Also, as I have a number of …ahem…tardy clients, I can track where I am at when they finally get around to “remembering” their tax obligations (or when CRA kicks them in their butts…).

Is this even possible?

Hi Don,

I will look into this and let you know.

I’m not sure if we have away to show the last completed returns but there might be a way to do this through workflow filters and date filters.


Thanks Aliysa – I’ve tried a few different ways, but can’t quite seem to make it work. No urgency of course, but useful (at least to me…).

So we currently do not have a way to do this but in an upcoming release we will be able to do this for you. It will show incomplete next/current year returns and the completed prior year returns. You will be able to use the module year and year end filters for a specific range.

Excellent - thanks!

You folks are always SO responsive!!

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This type of filter set-up would be very helpful on the T1 side as well as T2.

Last Done
Due to Client
Due to CRA

A future release of this built out feature could included with workflows for T4, T4A, T5, T5018.

In that case it would be helpful to link the T1 or T2 workflow or entity to the relevant forms.

Or, to be able to filter forms by entity +
Last Done
Due to Client
Due to CRA