Custom search in client manager

I am wondering if there is a way to search in the client manager by tax preparer, as well as by a block of dates (i.e. tax returns efiled between April 1, 2014 and April 15, 2014)?

I do not think that it is possible at the moment; however, I suspect that they could add something like that in the quick search bar if there was enough demand; however, if it is not that complicated to add they sometimes just add the feature as well.

I have a date range enabled filter planned - though it’s unlikely to make it in the next release. The tax preparer is a good idea. I’ll see if I can add a filter for preparer when I look at the date range.

Could you also possibly add the ability to sort by partner? We are new to TaxCyle this year and would love the ability to sort by partner and date printed.

I shall add those to the list.

Would be nice to be able to search according to date and workflow. I’d like to know how many returns I had completed by xx date, how many efiled by xx date, etc. much like your predecessor’s software does.

Can we ‘save’ searches? IE; TSlips for 2014, T1’s for 2014 etc.

Any luck with this?

I just checked my client manager, and it does not look like they have added it yet. I am really going to have to crack down on my staff filling out the check boxes in the info tab as it seems that is where most of the search data is coming from. I think the person we had e-filing last year filled in all the boxes instead of them being done as we go, thats not going to cut it if I want to be able to do any workflow tracking at all.

Also looking for the ability to save searches!

Bump to March.

I am just curious to know if there are still more filtering options planned for this year’s client manager. We are really hoping to be able to print lists of returns printed on specific days by partner. We had been able to do this with Profile and used them to call clients to come in and sign their returns. I’ve noticed there have been some date filters added to the client manager but I don’t see anything with respect to when the return was printed.

I will add the ability to filter search results on workflow completion date. i.e. Printed, transmitted, first reviewed etc.

With regards to the specific preparer. I plan to add a new feature to the search results table that will allow you to filter on column data – like Excel does. You can use this to filter the Preparer/Reviewer/Approver columns for a specific individual.

Once filtered, you will then be able to print the search results table.


One thing we’ve missed and I’d love to see is a simple interface like Profile has in the Classic Database to run queries (all are true, any are true, or free form expression) and to save them for future use. This gave us a simple way of working with any field in a tax return and to quickly filter data.

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After the filtering updates, we’ll be looking to add a query mechanism that would allow you to test specific fields for values.

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Am I correct in stating that at this point their is no search mechanism to sort clients by net income or any other data field on the tax return?

What would be the ETA of such features?

I think you would be correct on that statement.

As for ETA, my guess is at least a couple months away as a minimum but it may end up being a last tax season addition.


We are planning to do that for this tax season. The idea is that you could create a batch calculation that would generate between 1 and 4 “user” columns in the client manager grid. You would provide the formula for what is presented in the column, so you could pick, “Net Income”, “Taxes Owing”, etc, etc.

You would then be able to sort on that information, or generate an excel spreadsheet to do further manipulations.


~ Cameron

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I assume this would change would apply to T2s and not just personal tax returns? It would be helpful to be able to pull up a list of T2s with dividends paid reported on Schedule 3.

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Are there any custom filters ie: tax preparer available for the Client Manager?

This was discussed in 2014, I’m searching for it without succes!

I founf it :slight_smile: Thanks TAXCYCLE!!!