T1 workflow

@Andrew, was going to be 'off-topic in the T2 workflow topic, so decided on a new thread.
It would be great if you could add a section to do with ‘post’completion’ action required, such as in connection with Pre-assessment review, post assessment reviews, T1 adjustment initiated by taxpayer/accountant, and slip matching by CRA. In other words, a section after ‘Return Completion’

For example:


  • reviewed pre-assessment from CRA
  • replied to pre-assessment review
    -received post-assessment review from CRA
  • replied to post-assessment review
  • received additional information requiring T1 adjustment
  • completed preparation of T1 adjustment
  • T1 adjustment efiled
  • T1 adjustment paper filed
  • T1 adjustment completed through RAC
  • Slip matching request received from CRA
  • Replied to slip matching request
  • Follow up required to any of the above
  • Notice of objection filed


Do you mean that you would like to beef up the REWORK area which Andrew Little demoed today?

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With regards to the T1 workflow Due Date - would it be possible to have the date auto-populate based on either an action taken on the file or a set date? For example, when you create a new T1 or carry forward a T1 from the prior year, have the due date automatically set to X days later or a second option to have all T1s set to April 30th regardless of when created/carried forward.

T1 workflow enhancement request on 2020-04-10.

I request a notes filed on the T1 billing workflow. I would like to record payment method and/or confirmation number, plus room for some additional notes in the event of multiple bills during one tax year.

This could be as simple as the notes field in the Client Delivery workflow section.