Excel templates for business and rental

Here are a couple of Excel templates we use for T1 clients that bring in receipts that need to be categorized. Both have the ability to be imported into the appropriate schedules in TaxCycle.

Feel free to use and modify them to your needs.

Shoebox - Business.xltx (24.8 KB)
Shoebox - Rental.xltx (19.2 KB)



Thank you… this was my after tax project.


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Nice. :+1::+1: Thank you.

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Great Matthew. Like @martin, it was a project I had planned but hadn’t gotten to (and not likely to either). Thank you.

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Thank you , much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You are BRILLIANT. And very generous! Thank you!

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@Matthew could you do a Farm Business worksheet Template? Much appreciated.

I can probably modify the business one fairly easily. I will look at that when things slow down here.

Thank you again! no problem waiting, completely understandable… :slight_smile:

Matthew - Thank you. Clear, complete, easy to understand, and automatically populates what we need.

Thanks Matthew! Great idea.

Shoebox - Business1 - GST Registrant-1.xlsx (37.9 KB)

I had a small business client that was registered for GST. They provided a sales summary showing total sale, GST charged, and total charged on their invoices for the year but their expenses (just over 70 expense receipts were organized but not totaled.I simply edited the two columns for ITCs and GST on Sales. You can remove the two lines of entry (used in the attachment) for another master.)


Wow thank you for sharing. Keep our community strong!

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I have designed various Excel workbooks for proprietorships, extra small corporations (ie consultants), rental properties, etc. The workbooks are integrated with each worksheet being linked to summary reports and GST returns (if applicable). Many of my clients too small for the likes of QuickBooks, Sage50 or Xero find them quite easy to work with and they sure make my life easier when preparing statements and tax returns.

If anyone is interested in something along this lines, feel free to contact me at cracctg@shaw.ca


Hi Martin,

This is a few years after you posted. I am new with Tax Cycle and have a small bookkeeping and tax business to take me into retirment.

I have downloaded your spreadsheets and I look forward to utilizing them in my business going forward.


Hi Randy,

Is the offer still open for those excel spreadsheets? I have a bunch of clients that don’t fit the mold for regular use of software and thinking excel would be the way to go.

Cheers and thanks


I have written a sophisticated excel workbook to cover most of the clients but I did some programing in it, so you have to allow macros for it to run. The programing just does automation, posting and error checking. I am working on integrating it with a T2125 in taxcycle (Not done yet). If there is interest I will accelerate my efforts.
If you are interested I can send you a link for download. Unfortunately since it is an *.xlsm file it will not be allowed to be uploaded here and I understand that as people can hide Viruses in them.

Here is a Link to download a fully functional copy.
If you want the passwords for the accountants access you will have to contact me.

TIm Manery

I downloaded and looked it over. You’ve done a gigantic amount of work on this. Keeping it on file to continue review.

Norman Benoit

This looks like it will do an amazing job. I am in conversation with a new client this may be perfect for and have some commission sales people that I believe this will work for.
Thank you for sharing your hard work and stay safe.