Instalments Worksheet for provincial tax (Quebec)

Hi everybody, I’m unable to find form for Instalments Worksheet for provincial tax (Quebec).

Does anyone knows where it is?

This is a must have for this tax season!

Thank you.


I do not do Quebec returns; however, if you go to line 453 of the TP1 and double click on it it goes to a form called TPcredits Line 453

Is this what you are looking for? or are you looking for the instalment form (press F4 and type in instalments). It talks about Quebec residents; however, I am not sure it is linked to the TP1

One more thing @savendano, the Taxcycle TP1 is still relatively new and some of the features you may have been used to could be missing; therefore, I would recommend that you send suggestions to @Cameron to the email. That way it will get on the list.

Yes this is the form but it only gives you the data for the Federal return.

I know its very new thats why I’m posting everything that I find!!!

Thank you very much.

Good morning @savendano!

Thank you for your suggestion! We are planning on adding the Québec instalment worksheet (TP-1026) for this tax season (hopefully by mid-March, maybe earlier).

~ Annie

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Thank you :slightly_smiling:

Just went looking for the TP-1026 in the 2016 program and got the balance due voucher instead.