New immigrant's Name issue

This is very common issue that Govt. departments, entering wrong last name for newcomers and there is no first name recorded on any document. I am getting following error while trying to efile such return:

Your client’s surname does not agree with the information on the Canada Revenue Agency’s records. Please confirm that you have the correct social insurance number and surname for this taxpayer. If the information you entered was correct and a surname change is required, enter 2 as the surname change code.
Does anyone know where can I enter this code?

Sounds like a big warning flag to me.

Do you have the original of the fundamental document government photo ID in your hand?

What explanations is the taxpayer offering for having incorrect Government ID?

How could they have arrived in Canada if their Passport and landing documents do not agree as to ID?
Originals or Certified copies of Birth Certificates?

I would be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY careful about verifying or attempting to change ID, particularly since a tax preparer does not necessarily have access to expertise, tools, and databases potentially needed…

Happens too frequently. Just finished a brutal one that took numerous calls
CRA wouldn’t talk to us as no AuthRep. Wouldn’t talk to client as they had never filed a return

Efile help desk was able to assist in short order so recommend starting there

Dan Chun, CPA, CGA

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I recently had an immigrant on a student permit. I used the exact spelling on the permit and still had to use the name change when filing the T183. Then, and only then, could I file the AuthRep/T1013. Fortunately, the client provided all of the T slips so no T1ADJ was required.

I suspect the field you are looking for is on the Info tab. See the red rectangle below.

Yes I have the original govt. issued SIN document. People from India does not use last name on the Indian documents and Canadian officers put their first and middle name as their last name on Canadian immigration paper and Service Canada copy the info from immigration documents. Now CRA has only last name in their record with any first name. This is the problem. Thanks for your full of knowledge explaination.

Still looking for the place to enter code 2

“Did client’s last name change in 2019?”

Copy of the Court documents evidencing name change provided?

Govt photo ID provided? Old vs New?

The taxpayer should sort out their own name corrections directly with the Govt bodies.

ID verification procedures are serious issues.