Error 561

I have a client with tuition tax credit (S11) and using their annual $250 Canada Training Credit. When I try to transmit the return I get error code 561, which says:

One of the following situations applies to your client’s return:

  1. You client’s province or territory of residence is other than Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta or Yukon – Line 59140 for provincial or territorial tuition fees must equal lines (32000 minus 45350 plus 32001). When line 32000 minus line 45350 is negative, then line 59140 must equal line 32001.
  2. You client’s territory of residence is Yukon – Line 59140 on the Schedule YT(S11) must equal to line 32000 plus line 32001.

My client falls under 1, I have checked all the referenced lines and they match, so the return has been filled out correctly. Is this a software issue, or CRA issue?

Call Efile Helpdesk…