EFILE Error Code 184

Hi I am getting this efile error code and can’t see how to fix. Any help?

Did you double check the postal code?

I had a return that generated an error code like that last year when I was still using Profile software.

In my case, I was filing for a Manitoba client going to university in Toronto. She had a small self-employment income of only $100 in Toronto while doing her studies (T4A with Box 48). TaxCylce allows this to be transferred directly to Line 13000 as other income, however with Profile, I had to complete the T2125 and process it that way. We filed her tax return using her Winnipeg address vs using her dorm address on the university campus. The error code was flagged because I had her Winnipeg address listed on the T2125 claiming that $100 income earned in Ontario (thus the multi-jurisdiction question). CRA didn’t like that. Once I changed the address on the T2125 to her Toronto address, the return filed with no further issues. I was able to leave the rest of her return (T1 Jacket) still showing her Winnipeg address.
Hope this helps.

Yes Tiff, nothing wrong with postal code

I wish his return was that complex

Hello, so I guess nobody knows how to fix?

Have u tried calling efile help desk? I have always found them to be very helpful

Rachel Thibodeau-Parlee

I was saving that as a last resort but will do! thank you!