Efile Error 388

Anytime I have a client with farming income I get the efile rejected with a error code of 388.
CODE 388
“Line 48400 for refund or line 48500 for balance owing does not equal line 43500 (total payable) minus line 48200 (total credits). For Quebec residents, line 31210 for provincial parental insurance plan premiums payable on employment income is used in the calculation of total credits on line 48200.”

I have checked the totals over and over there is no error in the calculation.
Is there anyway to correct this or am I missing something?

I believe it is because you have not updated TaxCycle. You are likely still running our February 17 release 46117. The T2043 was still Preview in that release and line 47556 was deliberately not being included in the transmission.
Update to our latest release.

Thanks. It was the update that I was missing. I had difficulty update. If I check for updates it always showed that I was up to date. But with some more digging I was able to download the update. And it’s all fixed. Thanks for taking the time to look at the post and responding.