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Multi jurisdiction Tuition claim

I’m trying to correct the Efile error code 513 regarding tuition. Scenario - client has tuition from Saskatchewan, resident of Sask. with employment income from Sask and business income from MB. The MBS11 (MJ) doesn’t populate with the eligible tuition fees from 2019 and SK doesn’t allow tuition fees claim except for carried forward amounts. Both MB and SK tax credits are being claimed through the T2203 to reduce provincial tax to zero. How to get this fixed?

The T2203 is for allocating INCOME; tuition is an EXPENSE or a deduction, and tuition is still an allowable deduction in Sask (where I live). You just have to enter the values from the T2202 slip into the T2202 form in TaxCycle.

I’m not sure what error code 513 means, but if the taxpayer is resident in Saskatchewan, he can’t get Manitoba tax credits for tuition - doesn’t matter where the school is.