Embed Excel files in TaxCycle or DoxCycle

I have numerous clients who send info in Excel files that is not suitable for import into TaxCycle directly (ie not a T2125 or T776), but is useful as support info for either of those, or CapGains calculations etc (long lists of capital additions to rental properties eg.)

It would be “nice” to be able to attach/embed those files into either TaxCycle or DoxCycle for future reference rather than having to maintain a separate set of files elsewhere that don’t link to the location where the info was used.

Any chance of this? (There is of course an “other tax program” that does this…but it doesn’t work as well as TC for all the other things I do!!)

And: yes, I know I can print them all out to PDF etc and bring them to DoxCycle…but then I lose all of the formulas and logic.

There are lots of things that need to be kept per client per year - thus I use a “per year” folder per “client”
eg Client/PersTax/2019/data/
Easy to collate with hyperlinks

I would not like to see Taxcycle files get bloated with anything.

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I’m currently doing the same as you are…but…hyperlink? How - I don’t see that? Am I missing something?

The only thing I see TC linking to is DC and the only thing I see DC linking to is the TC files…how do I get an association to an excel file that is embedded within my tax (or dox) file? I’m just looking for one less place to have random files that relate to materials I’m working on. (This is commonplace for T2s…there have to be secondary files, but most T1 tax files don’t require it…just some.)

@SmallBizGuy – From the finder you can drag and drop any file onto a field in TaxCycle, and a link will be created… Can you try that to see if that helps you?


Hah! Works just fine…doesn’t “embed” in the TaxCycle file, but it also doesn’t require me to figure out which of the files I stored the related data in.

The link is just dandy for me. I had no idea!

Thanks to you both!!

(One of the BEST things about TC is Cameron - and the rest of the staff, too - who are SO responsive, even in a pandemic! Been following you around since the Henry Zimmer days, Cameron…)

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Thanks Cameron. We have been using Taxcycle for 5 years and we did not know you could drop a file like this.
It would be great if we had a choice if we wanted to carry the excel file forward with the return. We have a number of small business client’s that we use the same excel file each year to compile their expenses and we just use a new sheet in the same excel file. Thanks

@Cameron that is an amazing feature. Not sure why I did not know of this before now. Better late than not. This is a great feature for the T2200

Cheers and again,

Wow, didn’t know that. Thanks @Cameron

I have used these drag & drop hyperlinks shortly after learning about them a few years ago at a TaxCycle seminar. You obviously need to make sure the file path never changes or else the link will be broken.

That is really the only “advantage” to actually being able to embed the Excel file within the TC or DC file…once there, like the PDFs in DC, it remains there.

@Cameron What am I missing? I have never heard of a “finder” and would love to tie the pieces together in my files

Windoze File Explorer in MS-world. Finder in the Mac.

Thank you! I’m going to love this little item!