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Emailing / e-courier & print sets

Is anyone else having issues with e-courier and emailing print sets?

Most of the time it goes through the process of creating the PDF, but only sometimes does it bring up the e-courier dialog or the email. It was working fine in an earlier release, but seems a bit glitchy now for me.

Also: Is there anyway to create a PDF using the same print set from the spouses return at the same time and attach both to the email/e-courier message?

The situation is when emailing a client’s information to review and sign when, you either have to create two messages or print one to a file and then go through the process of attaching it the the message you have already started for the first person in the couple.

The e-Courier process from either Taxcycle or Doxcycle does not work well, for reasons described above, and also, directly from Doxcycle at least, the PDF is not in the order intended…

(one thing I also find throws out the document order is failing to take out the trash…)

I always e-courier independent from Taxcycle or Doxcycle, as a work around.

Glad to hear it isn’t just me :slight_smile:

i haven’t had any issues yet but would like to be able to send a husband and wife file together. Also it would be nice to be able to include the slips in Doxcycle when sending the client their copy

@nevans What I do is send the Doxcycle file, which has the copy of the return, with all the slips…

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I think we have solved this for the next release.

I’ll take the other thoughts as suggestions for next year. We will need to change the UI a little to allow client copies to be aggregated in a single email. I don’t think it’s hard to do, but this is not the right time of year for such changes.

Thanks for the feedback.