E-Courier options

I really like the e-Courier enhancement. What would make it even more useful though is if we could set an e-courier print set, in the same manner that for example a Doxcycle or Adobe print set is compiled, and that the e-courier icon would appear to the right of the printset. Right now it shows as a regular PDF printset.

As also, would be great if the client copy cover email was user defined.

Interesting idea. In theory, you can have a separate e-courier print, but you’re right it shows up as an Adobe icon. There are likely things we could do to make that clearer. I will log a bug for us to consider in the future.


that will make life a little simpler.

Any comment regarding being able to ‘personalize’ the email cover?

The email templates are all editabled using the Template Editor. If you make an email template, it is available to e-courier as well and vice-versa.

Some help on creating and editing email templates:

Must have missed that template when I looked in my list of templates…

Now though, I am wondering if this is a possibility…

This I imagine would take some programming work…

But would be nice to take the cover letter, including any personalizations, and have that also used as the email cover…

I know I can copy and paste it into the email, but could it be done automatically…

I know, am out on a limb…


All you would need to do is clone your template, click “make unique” and then set it to email. That will be much cleaner than a copy paste. 3 steps!

~ Cameron

Only thing to bear in mind with any of the templates that you use as email, the formatting is harder to preserve and images do not get transferred over. Each email client will work a little differently with what they get. The HTML rendering engines in email messages are not as robust as those in a web browser and they all have different quirks. For example, Outlook may handle spacing a bit strangely on tables.

So, as a general rule… Keep email templates simple and avoid inserting graphics.

Best of luck.

Cameron, thought about that, but that would not quite work as you would lose any personalizations in the letter.

That could work, however, if there was a ‘user defined text field’ that could be used to add personalization to a letter, rather than personalizing the letter itself.

It appears that the e-courier process creates a pdf file, saves it to the desktop, and then references that location for the e-courier file upload?

Any chance of setting an e-courier folder location in Options --> Organization --> e-courier, or Options --> Folders that is different than the desktop?

Hi @gil, is it that you want to keep a copy for yourself that you can keep as well as send with e-courier. All in one step, so to speak?

I ask because the current system just puts the file there temporarily and then deletes after. We could point that folder anywhere, but that doesn’t really help if what you want is to have a copy to keep.