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E-courier directly from taxcycle

Maybe it is there already; however I cannot find it.

It would be nice to be able to e-courier directly from Taxcycle. If I want to send a client a summary it would be helpful to right click select e-courier and have the program produce the pdf and open the dialog bypassing doxcycle completely.

You can do so right now, and also from Doxcycle. Would be nice though if you could pick more than one PDF at a time…

In Taxcycle, on the printset, select PDF as printer, on the Save to line, select E-courier. You can also set an e-courier cover.

In Doxcycle, select the pages you want to send, then right click and pick e-courier.

Simple as that :slight_smile:

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Adding on to the above regarding more than one PDF at a time, my annual request is to be able to include documents from the spouse and other family members in a print set that can go to e-courier, or have a way to include a print set from the other family members into an e-courier message started from the Principal taxpayer. That way, if we are sending documents for signing for example, we can include everyone’s documents in one email.

You may need to check you have entered your e-courier credentials in the Options profile as well.

I knew I was missing something; however, it would be better if we could just right click and select ecourer rather than setting up a print set.

Thanks Bert

you can always have just a pdf printset that you change to e-courier as needed… As for me, I have used custom fields to automate the process when e-courier is used, which, with my clients, is the majority option.

Yes, I can do that work around, but I still want the same ability to e-courier from Taxcycle that I can do in Doxcycle. One step instead of multiple steps.


Would you be willing to elaborate on which custom fields you use and how do you automate your print and email processes?

I would love to hear about any and all automation tips, tricks, and protocols!

you can find my templates in an other thread. Set up a custom field for e-courier, which will control an e-courier print set.