Efiler number has changed

Downloaded new version and on opening 2014 returns received the following warning.

Efiler number has changed. Clear DCN, and regenerate on next print.

Should that be expected?

Nope… that’s a new review message that shows when it shouldn’t.

It’s designed to solve the problem where the efiler number changes after the T183 DCN has been completed. But of course, that field changes to the confirmation number once the return has field, which is triggering this message in error.

For now, you can just disable the message.

We’ve pulled the auto-update, and will make and updated update available in an hour or so. The next version will turn off that check once the return has been efiled.


~ Cameron

All fixed now. We updated the version to 5.0.29262 which should sort out the annoying and irrelevant message.

Thanks for your help.

~ Cameron

BTW, thanks for this update, I can now file the tax return with my updated DCN

We aim to please.

How did you get in that situation? The DCN doesn’t populate until the T183 is printed. Did you print a bunch of T183s before you got your new efiler number?

I’m wondering if this is a common occurrence.

~ Cameron

A bunch of random events conspired to cause this problem. I suspect that it is not an every day occurrence,

Due to the new CPA amalgamation, I amalgamated my firm with another which required me to get a new efile number per the CRA rules;

I had applied for a new Efile number and was awaiting approval from CRA so I could file tax returns with it; however, in the interim, I was still using my old number per my conversation with CRA.

I had a new client come in during the annual changeover at CRA who had not filed for three years and was going on holidays so I completed the returns and printed the T183 with my old efile number and had them sign it so I could file the returns once the system was back up. I was worried that CRA would approve my new number before they were up and running again so I manually completed the T183’s leaving the efiler number blank as a backup and had the client sign them as well.

Well everything that could go wrong did, CRA did approve my new number just before they went live meaning that my old number was cancelled, when they went to cancel the predecessor firm Efile numbers upon activation of my new number, they accidentally cancelled my new one they just approved as well meaning that I had to reapply again for another efile number call the nice lady back at CRA with my new number and she activated it that day.

So then I updated Taxcycle with my new new Efile number, jumped to the T183 to get the new DCN to place on the manual T183 forms I had filed out and noticed I needed to generate a new DCN.

So to make a long story short, I suspect that it is not a common occurrence.


Wow… that is a lengthy conspiracy. Anyways, glad it’s sorted. I suspect we won’t see this issue too often!

~ Cameron

@Cameron, I agree it is likely a one off in my case; however, I am sure there are a lot of professional accountants out there that are changing their firm names that do not realize that they need to apply for a new number. With the CPA merger maybe you want to write a blog about it on your site.

From CRA website

When is a new application necessary

Although most fields on the renewal form can be modified as
necessary, a limited number of fields cannot. Changes to these fields
are considered significant enough to require a new application and a new
EFILE number and password. The specific fields that cannot be revised
(once submitted) are the following:

Name of proprietorship, partnership, or corporation;Business Number; Federal Partnership Identification Number;Business type; and Name of business official or principal owner

If your business has undergone one or more of these changes, you must submit a new application:
a business is sold;a business’s organizational structure, partnership composition, or controlling interest changes;branch sites or managing offices are added;names of firms or business names change; or partners or corporate officers change.


Just and aside, You want to know why it takes so long to approve your efile number under the suitability screening, When I applied for my new number in January, the number I got started with O and was in the 5000 range, when I had to apply the second time since they killed my first registration in error approximately 21 days later, The number still started with an O but my number was in the 7500 range. So we were looking at over 2000 applications in just 15 working days.

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