Changing Document Control Number T183

I am filing a tax return for another tax filer and he had printed the return and a Document Control Number got created on the T183. It has his e-filer number in the DCN. How do I get TaxCycle to generate a new DCN with my e-filer number in the DCN?


Raymond Petersen

If the signed T183 includes the other tax filer’s name/firm and electronic filer number which is also part of the Document Control number, YOU have not been authorized by the taxpayer to file the return.

The tax return has not yet been filed. This is for a deceased person and though the person who gave me the tax cycle file used to do the tax returns, he is the executor and wanted to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. So given that this tax return is not filed, how do I reset the Document Control Number to indicate that I am filing it and not him.

Reprinting the tax return does not reset the Document Control Number to start with my e-filer number instead of his. Does anyone know how to do this?


My solution would be to simply recreate the return. Create a new return, and have the original return side by side on the page and copy/paste from the old return to the new return. You could possibly create a Client Manager search function to list all the different forms used in the original file as a way to validate that you didn’t miss anything out.


I regularly do returns under 2 preparer numbers, and by refreshing the page it automatically will reset the DCN in accordance with the profile I am using. Your Taxcycle COULD NOT be creating the same DCN as the original preparer…

@BertMulderCGA , this was my first year with TaxCycle. I don’t see an option to “REFRESH” the page. The only Refresh link I see is to refresh the carryforward amounts from prior years. I’m only a one man office, so haven’t experienced the need to refresh the DCN, but it’s good to know how to do this in case I run into this scenario.

Can you expand on what you mean by Refresh in this context. Thanks.