Efile Error Code 70450 and 95034

Did anybody has this error codes? They are both related. And something to do with schedule 8. My client has a T4, ~1500, and self employed income, which when I go through schedule 8, calculations seem to be fine. Anybody know what wrong?

code 70450: Line 43500 for total payable does not balance with the sum of line 41700 plus line 41500 plus line 41800 plus line 31000 plus line 22200 plus line 23500 plus line 42800 plus line 43200. Do not include line 31000 and line 22200 for Quebec returns.

code 95034: An entry on line 50340 for actual CPP contributions requires an entry on line 30800 on page 6 of the return for CPP contributions, and/or on line 50310 for QPP contributions, and/or on line 44800 for CPP overpayment.

Thanks in advance,

I did not look close but there was this Taxcycle blurb that may relate:

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: