E-file error OAS not entered - Client over 65

I receive e-file error 90113 stating entry for OAS is required as client is 65 or older.

Client is 65 and OAS has been entered. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve

I have a client that has not lived in Canada long enough to qualify for OAS. The return has to be paper filed.

I printed the EFILE worksheet and and highlighted line 9917 Yes Indicator that no old age security pension was received

The EFILE restriction is new , but the line is not.

My client is canadian citizen and has received OAS which is entered. Line 9917 is no.

I have never thought about it but I have efiled several T1 returns for clients who are over 65 and do not collect OAS, so have no OAS to declare on their T1 returns. I have never had a return rejected.

Some of them had opted to defer their OAS until age 70, and some of them are over 70 but their income will never be low enough that the OAS wouldn’t be fully clawed back, so they simply never applied for OAS.

Yea this is the first I’ve heard of the OAS diagnostic causing e-file to fail. I get the diagnostic but like snowplowguy said, some clients defer, some earn too much to bother applying. I clear the diag and I can file.

Problem is client is 65 and oas is entered and I cannot see reason for error. I have cleared error to resubmit and get same message.Since CRA are not waiving late fees etc due strike I think I will give client paper file. Thanks for your comments

Have you tried calling TaxCycle support to see if they can help resolve the error? When you share your screen with them, perhaps a different set of eyes might spot the problem?

Presumably the Efile help desk is also on strike?
Under normal conditions they would likely have been the first call. They are pretty good at resolving those types of issues. At least they can tell you what value they are seeing on their end as being transmitted to them.

Competor’s site but it provides helpful information on the error. Have you tried working through this?

Thanks. I looked at that previously but they must have different forms as there is no line 9917 on the T1 Jacket in Taxcycle only on e-file worksheet and it is simply yes or no and not numeric.

I have sent file to TaxCycle support

In TaxPrep they use 7 and 0 instead of yes or no for the efile verification checklist. So 0 would be No for TaxCycle.

Problem solved- I think. Talked to client again and he remembers having issue with birth date when applying for OAS. He went through the process of confirming birth date with Service Canada but it appears that did not flow through to CRA. Strange thing is I have filed his return for several years with this birth date so assume they only check when it impacts oas or gst requirements.
Thank you everyone for your comments.

To my knowledge, OAS will only go back 1 year?

Only 11 months retro, not a year.

I have faced same problem. I reconfirmed the date of birth with my client and there was change. As I changed the date of birth the return transmitted without any error. so re check date of birth.