Efile Error Code 99 on filing returns with form T1273

We have a number of MB clients who are in AgriStability. For the last few weeks now, we’ve had trouble with the Efile error code 99 when trying to file any return with the T1273 form. Has anyone else had trouble with this?

I phoned in to the Efile help desk. They said that they are having a lot of trouble with this and don’t know yet if it’s the software or the CRA. We are currently just stock piling our T1273 client(s) returns since they are all being rejected. Just thought I’d check if anyone else has information on this.

Have you called the Taxcycle helpdesk?

Error 99 logic appears to have been modified in error by CRA the weekend of May 6th. CRA has told us that they are currently testing a correction to the logic but have yet to set a date when it will be migrated to production, though we hope it will be done in a few days.
I will post any news we receive from CRA about this issue here.

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Thank you for your response! The Efile help desk said they would phone our office as soon as they heard something. I just thought I’d check here as well. Then we’ll just practice being patient over here.:slight_smile:

Since I started this discussion I figured I should post an update here. The efile help desk just phoned our office to let us know that the error should be fixed. I tried and it’s working. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for passing this along. Our CRA contact also confirmed a couple hours ago that the fix was now in production.