Client Letter - OAS benefits

I thought I would share this quick fix I made to the standard client letter regarding turning 64 or 65 in the year. This is for people who are as retentive as I am and think we should know which one it is rather than saying that we noticed you are turning 64 or 65.

Old Age Security (OAS) benefits
We see that you are turning {{# Info.CommonData.AgeOnDec31 = 63}}64{{/end}}{{# Info.CommonData.AgeOnDec31 = 64}}65{{/end}} during {{Constants.NextTaxationYear}}. Please be advised that you are able to defer receiving your old age pension beyond age 65, up to age 70. By deferring the start date beyond your 65th birthday, you can receive a higher monthly pension amount later. Please check with Service Canada for further details.


Great suggestion. @matthew I will log this as a change for next year’s built-in letters. For the moment we’re limiting any changes to our default letters to bug fixes only.

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that is almost verbatim what I have in my letter…

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