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Doxcycle Suggestion

I am liking the new custom outlines and other Doxcycle features a lot. If possible it would be nice to be able to specify the file name used when sending an email or e-courier file from within Doxcycle.

Taxcycle has the option to specify different folders for data storage. Will this ability be added to Doxcycle? I like mine organized by years in different folders. It would be nice if Doxcycle knew where to look or store on its own by the year of the file. Currently I have it set to a parent folder and then have to pick my year folder.

With the added functionality with dating of medical receipts in Doxcycle I would hope posting of “Spousal” RRSP slips
to the appropriate area will be considered. I would default regular but have a drop down or similar selection method for spousal.

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Would you like to choose the file name at the time you send something to e-courier or just have a file name of your choice that you set once and is used every time?

Personally I would prefer at the time of sending.