DoxCycle linking

I am sure it is somewhere in the documentation, but I could not find it:

If I create a new item in an outline in DoxCycle, is there a way to link that to a form in TaxCycle.

For example, if I create Spousal support as an item under Expenses and deductions, can I create a sync link to that item?

There is a field in the blue box that has the properties for the custom item, however it won’t be hooked up until a later. Apologies for the delay.

Thanks. I saw that box and was trying everything to make the darn thing work :smile: At least now I know it isn’t just me!

I did the same thing before the webinar the other day. I think it will either be a form name or a field code that goes in there.

Do we have an ETA when this feature will be implemented and how it will work?

The next DoxCycle release. Today or tomorrow… You will be able to set a linked form (using the short name) for any custom document types you create. This will handle the jumping to the related form. Setting the fields to post to will come later, maybe next season.

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@matthew, we have quietly released a new DoxCycle version with this feature enabled. The release is available now as a full download from our website. Auto-update will come next week after the slips filing deadlines is over, but feel free to download the full install now, if you want to try it out.

Release notes are here:

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@Elizabeth I downloaded the update and installed it and gave the custom linking a try.

I think there may be a glitch. When I go to a document that I have created a custom link for, it opens another instance of TaxCycle and then opens the linked form. The result is two instances of the same tax return open with one of them telling me someone else has the return open (confirming it is a second instance).

Okay… further testing and playing indicates this may only end up being an issue in a networked environment.

We have our data file on a file server. The drive is also mapped. For some reason TaxCycle is differentiating the mapped drive from the network UNC.

So it sees s:\taxdata\myfile.taxcycle
as different from

If the link between TaxCycle and DoxCycle used the mapped drive and you open TaxCycle from the network UNC and then open the linked file and then in DoxCycle click a document to open the form in TaxCycle, TaxCycle will re-open the return using the mapped drive location and open it to the appropriate form.

I discovered this because I am now seeing recent files files duplicated on the start page - one with the mapped and one with the network UNC. Generally we only use the mapped drive, but the Client Manager is using the network UNC. So if we open a file through the Client Manager, it will add the file with the network UNC to the recent files list.

So obviously the workaround is to reset my Client Manager to look at the mapped drive.

I have not noticed this being an issue with any of the other software we have used so I am wondering if there is a relatively simple software fix (looking at the full network path rather than the mapped drive when adding a file to the recent list, perhaps or having the link between TaxCycle and DoxCycle look at the root path?).

EDIT: I went to make the change to the Client Manager, but from reading the information on that screen, my solution is not an option as it indicates that mapped drive letters will be converted to the UNC.

The other option is to change the paths for files to the UNC rather than mapped drives, but I suspect that may cause grief with all of our linked files.

So now I am looking for a better idea for a fix…

Thanks for the information around this. The linking is designed to handle UNC and local paths so this should be working. We’re looking into it right now and will let you know what we find out. I would say don’t make any changes on your side until we’ve looked into it here.

We are also using the cloud to store our TaxCycle / DoxCycle documents and the documents get unlinked when moving them or accessing them from a different device. Is there a workaround for that?