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2017 Doxcycle Release

Could we get a 2017 release of Doxcycle with the ability to save in a 2017 folder? I have been manually putting files into the 2017 folder, but it is frustrating. And I have been rolling forward since July as documents are starting to appear for the 2017 T1 Returns.

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Tim I think they may release one later this week there is just a bit more testing they are doing

We are completing some adjustments to some new features, we expect to have DoxCycle available shortly.

~ Rob

I know it would likely not make a soon to be released release, but I still think it would be nice to have an additional scan button. One for scanning without the OCR. Depending on the stage of the season (items available for download), my workflow would change to downloading data before looking at slip entry. The slips previously downloaded and enter through AFR could then just be archived into doxcycle without using the OCR function.

Some things coming in the new Doxcycle:

  1. Much improved custom stamps and tickmarks, including the ability to auto-place ‘prepared by’ and ‘reviewed by’ stamps when right clicking on the index
  2. A crosslink feature, where you place a connector in 2 separate places, and it will jump there when you click on it (just discovered this one myself, it may have been in Doxcycle previous…
  3. In addition to connection to T1 and T2, now modules for T3, T4 and T5, and I understand an ‘other forms’ module is also coming
  4. A new ‘classifier’ feature, where you train Doxcycle to recognize your leadsheets/worksheets, etc.
  5. The ability for Doxcycle to recognize a page by the name you give the PDF that you are importing

Am planning to kick PDFlyer to the curb with all these new features. :grinning:

Does not pdfflyer offer tape calculations in the pdf?

Wait! Taxcycle has a tape calculator. But does it offer the ability to
print tapes with the form printing? As opposed to all the tapes at once.

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I have started using an outside calculator, called DeskCalc, and can copy and paste the tape info into the memo field.


Been using CalcTape and Nitro Pdf.
Will try your suggestions to compare - PdfFlyer with tape calcs + DeskCalc.

I also have my MS Office OneNote open all the time.

I create a OneNote Section for each Tax Return. I create a new page for every Schedule for my free form notes, quick addition, and screen clips. I note my progress with my workflow. As a solo practitioner I am able to respond relatively quickly to client requests using this method. Of course this does not work well for high volumes. Am adding Karbon HQ for my workflow. Plan to add a full practice management app as soon as can.

Congratulations @Colan, on the Doxcycle release. I will be kicking PDFlyer to the curb.

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The changes sound great. I downloaded the update. When I clicked on the link in the version notes to the help page for the new Classifier, I got a message that said I don’t have access to view this topic.

lol, I don’t either…

Have this print out though…

Thanks Bert. Happy to know your security level is low enough for me!

Thanks. Looks like we missed updating the permissions on the help topic. It should be okay now:

Is an update needed to TaxCycle to be able to link a T3 to the new version of DoxCycle? The Create option in the TaxLink in the T3 module I have is grayed-out.

Solved: Created a DoxCycle file and then linked it to TaxCycle. (I ususally do it the other way around.)

Probably the next taxcycle release will have everything connected as I am hearing

When saving our options (Using options Profile), I get an error message each time. Is anyone else having this issue?

what build are you running

DoxCycle Version 7.0.32479.0

update to the latest version and it will be fine 7.0.32492