What's new for 2016?

Just looking to hear what changes/additions we can expect with Doxcycle this year.

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We’ve made quite a few changes in DoxCycle for the upcoming season, starting with a request you had made last season:

  • Added an option for a different default save folder based on the DoxCycle file year
  • Added PDF Password protection for DoxCycle files (also allows you to import a password protected file)
  • Reworked the editing, validating and posting of OCRed values (this is now a grid and should correct several annoyances around the boxes and Post button covering the form)
  • Added Options Profiles
  • Improved file stability when working with a file over a network where the network connection is unstable
  • More robust communication when interacting between TaxCycle and DoxCycle

These are the items that will be included in a beta that will be released in the next couple of weeks. We’ll continue to add features as we get closer to tax season.


Those sound like great additions! I am looking forward seeing the beta!

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Those sound like great changes. I’m working on a file right now. I’ve created custom classifications in DoxCycle. It would be really great if we could choose the sidebar to show only those classifications that have items in them. It would make the DoxCycle file much easier to navigate.


Great idea. Pull down menu choice for “all classifications”, “used classifications” maybe one for items that haven’t been posted, etc.

I hope that we will have the ability to link doxcycle to the other modules (T3, T2, T4 etc) We do not need to post anything; however, it would be helpful to have a place to sort some documents that we need without having to setup a full file.


I agree with the above comments. We would definitely like to see the ability to associate a DoxCycle file with T3s and T4/T5 TaxCycle files as it would keep thing more organized.

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Any chance we will be seeing this for T3s, T4s and T5s?

I doubt we will see it for this tax season

Is anyone’s clients having issues opening password-protected PDFs on their phone or tablet? It appears they only open in Adobe Reader, and nothing else.