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RC59 Diagnostic on T1

I’m doing a return where the client has a rental statement (T776). The program has generated an error message “RC59: Select the [program accounts, fiscal years and authorization level]for which access is to be authorized.”.

There is no checkmark to dismiss this diagnostic. Also, when I go into the Options to uncheck this diagnostic, the check box is greyed-out. I’m not sure why it would generate this error msg anyways since the client does not and has not had a business on his T1.

There is something a little strange re RC59 and this years program. I have noticed it on recently created 2013 returns. I have to pick an authorization level to make the diagnostic go away even when the RC59 is not applicable. There is a discussion surrounding the RC59 on the other board.

@kevin @Arliss

Our review message is too aggressive this year. We have changed it to apply only when a business name is entered on the RC59, for the next release.

We are finishing some T5013 carryforward and plan to post a release tomorrow or Thursday. If anyone is really stuck with this I’ve built a little extension DLL that you can install, which will replace the troublesome review message with one that is more gentle. I can post it here if anyone wants it.

~ Cameron

Here is the interim update.

  1. Download this file: (if you are using internet explorer, you may get a message, something like "this file is not commonly downloaded, etc, etc. You can safely ignore that)
  2. Put this file into the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\Extensions (you will need administrator permission to do this)
  3. Open TaxCycle

The message now requires a business name before triggering, and you can disable the message in the usual way if you don’t want it at all.

You can delete the file from your extensions directory after the next update.

~ Cameron