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T2 Return not showing as filed

I was opening a T2 (year end 07-31-2016) that I had e-filed, after opening it, it is showing as not filed. Thinking I may have made a huge oops and maybe I didn’t file it. But after checking with CRA, I see that it is filed. Anyone else have this issue?

Periodically with a T1, i just change the properties.

Does the table at the bottom of the T2CIFWS worksheet show your transmission? What about the files history (File / Info / History). Can you see your transmission there? Automatic workflow tasks, such as transmission tasks, scan the files history to determine if they’ve been completed or not.

Under Options / TaxCycle / Files and folders / File settings, is the “Use file verification” option checked?

Hi Andrew,

There was no record of it at all being filed, which is what is confusing and puzzling. Nothing in history, nothing in T2CIFWS worksheet. File verification is checked.

I ended up marking it filed but will monitor my other files if in the event it happens again. I was curious if it had happened to anyone else.


I have had the odd one (T1 and T2) over the years that was filed but not recorded as such. Considering the file is to save after filing, I do not know how it happens but by th etime I see that it was not indicating as filed, too much time has passed.

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What might be happening:
You finish return and save and close it but not filed yet.
Return to it to file the return, file it, then click the top right x, then click on “close without saving”

The return will close with no warning that you have unsaved changes.

The program is supposed to auto save after the efile is complete so your possible reason cannot happen.

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You may have done the conversion to the new TaxCycle version and not had the box clicked that says “Delete the old T2 file”
Now you are opening the not current version.

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