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Design Update - Feedback Wanted

“I would like to see the ability to right-click while on the Slips screen and jump to the start of various slips…”

I second that idea. That would be my single biggest request.

" But Sarka, can you do a design change, so that info received solely from AFR is flagged as such, to warn against preparer error, and as such, duplication"

I would really like this feature as well.

I have an additional problem with AFR, sometimes when I am in the middle of importing AFR and matching the AFR slip information to prior year slips I make a mistake. This happens sometimes when I get interrupted or started and my hand on the mouse jumps a bit without my notice. Then unintentionally I post the AFR slips to the wrong name. This can happen easily on T3, T5, and T5008 especially when there a multiple slips with the same name. I find these very hard to spot especially when there are many, many slips.

Is there some way to compare and review the AFR slips with the posted slips by slip type?

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Honestly, @sarka, I prefer the existing format - WITHOUT collapsing sections. I can just use the scroll wheel on my mouse if some rows are not currently visible on screen.

I like having collapsing sections on various forms I print for clients - such as the Summary of Partnership, Rental, and Self-employment. I would like to see collapsing sections on the Carry Forward Summary and Charitable Donations Worksheet, and maybe even some of the official schedules such as the S8 and T936 (though I doubt that would be allowed). But, I would never have a reason to print out the T4 entry screen, so no need for collapsing sections there.


All forms have the ability to “Jump to Sections”. So if you right-click anywhere on the form (not in a field) you get this…


If you select the one I highlighted at the top … this will jump you back to the top of the form, or you can jump to any one of the other sections listed for the page.



As part of the re-design we are adding these collapsible sections to many of our TaxCycle worksheets. The sections are open by default and you can still scroll if you wish. It is just one more way to navigate for those who want to use it and or use the “Print as on Screen” function as you noted.

Unfortunately, we do not have this option for CRA or Provincial forms. These are are “prescribed” forms and we cannot change them or hide sections.


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When completing the first or second review of the slip summary, there are times I realize i need to go the specific slip. I have to toggle to the Select arrow before being able to click the clink to the specific document. I would love to click to the specific document on first and second review, not just the default Select arrow.

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I agree, @helga_spence, that opening up a slip when reviewing could be handled easier. You can right-click on the slip but then you most often have to move up to the top of a long list of choices to open the slip. It would be more helpful if the choice to open the slip was at the bottom of that list. Pressing F6 is not a helpful option when you’re moving around and reviewing with your mouse. And you’re correct that changing to the Select arrow is not the answer.

And Sarka, ‘If an employee clears the audit message by adding the amounts downloaded from AFR we have no way of knowing if the slip came from AFR or if was input and then matched to AFR.’ is exactly the problem.

In my mind, the solution is the same as the way you notate a slip that is AFR, you put a check mark noting it has been AFR’d. I am saying, have a separate checkmark system, which notes that a slip had been entered from a slip, which will then leave those ‘entered from AFR, with message cleared by preparer’, as orphans…