T4 Slip Summary Consideration

For some reason, for 2020 there seems to be a considerable amount of real estate left on the T4 Slip Summary screen that has not been there in other years.

I suppose it might be a big task (and late in the game?) … but I was wondering how difficult it would be to include the data from the new mandatory boxes 57, 58, 59, and 60 in that large unused area of the T4 Slip Summary screen?

It is already quite time consuming and painful to open up each of those 4 cells manually on every single T4 slip… and it seems like the only way of checking the entered values is to scroll down to the bottom of each T4.

I also realize all of this extra work and these extra boxes may only be relevant for the 2020 filing year… so I suppose it isn’t worth spending too much extra time and resources on this.

Why do I feel like these 2020 T4 slips are like producing miniature ROE’s for every employee? :unamused:

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You can thank @james1 for this… you can do that yourself by checking out the instructions here:

Slips Summary | TaxCycle

You can also sort on columns, make this print on landscape paper, delete columns you don’t use, etc, etc.

The next release will also include the ability to save your favourite column configurations. This week I was fortunate enough to work as a part time grade 3, 6 and 8 teacher so didn’t quite finish my work on that piece. It should be in our next release, probably in about 10 days.

For now, you can add those columns on a file by file basis.

Also, with the changes this year, you can do some data entry on this form - for the edit fields at least.


Hugs to you Cameron… we had a shooter Tues night into Wed and closed school in our part of NB… totally get it… family is super important and we trust you will get the business stuff done in a timely manner.

As always you and your team do an amazing job

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Thank you so much @james1 and @Cameron. I must have been asleep in class when this awesome improvement was being discussed and created. :wink:

Before posting this topic last night I did “right click” in the heading part of the blank area and nothing happened, so I assumed there was no way of editing this form. Now that you have spoon fed me the instructions I see that I needed to “right click” in the heading area of one of the columns that were already there.

Thanks again, and I look forward to being able to save the configuration. I am also very interested, and will play around with the direct “data entry” on this form. That has the potential of saving hours of data entry.

Enjoy every one of those days when your kids are in grade school. The next time you look up they will be 30 years old, and you’ll wonder what happened to all the years in between… :grinning:


I am loving this - I have to say after all the years following Cameron around (Cantax, Greenpoint/Profile, TaxCycle) that TaxCycle has the BEST support and most responsive support of any of them, anywhere, any time (actually including companies that don’t supply tax software!!). Wish they were all as responsive as you folks, Couldn’t be happier. Well, OK, except for pricing. :slight_smile:


Pricing is way better than others. Can’t believe Intuit wants so much for Profile yet they don’t improve it at all year to year. Looks like the same thing for 25 years. What i wish for is that my boss would see the light and make the switch to real productivity

@David_R_Officer My boss was easy to convince. I had a debate with myself over a glass of something choice-inducing and made the decision. :cocktail: