Client Manager - quick searches all blank!

Just updated to current year/version and went to open some T2s and T1s and my Quick Searches show…nothing! (Really - as in blank screen.)

This has a custom column layout, but is not populating at all. Same on the T1 side…

Am I crazy? Doing something wrong? It all used to work just fine. All files are correct in the file manager (and yes, the files are all still actually in place…phew!).

You’re not crazy - this should be working as you’d expect.

  • If you apply a single filter, do the search results narrow down? For example, just select T2.
  • Can you try changing the column layout?

If you have the time, would you be able to give us a call or email so we can contact you?

If I restrict only to T2 I do get a listing, albeit not containing all of the info (all the files, no status condtions).

If I toggle “TaxCycle files only” on and off…I don’t see, and see, respectively files. With it off, I do not see files from the current couple of years since I switched (ie TaxCycle files!).

Just to close the loop on this: I restarted the Client Manager Wizard, rechecked the file structure (all OK), reran the Wizard and reset the Client Manager Server, exited and restarted TaxCycle…and everything was back to normal.