Best procedure for file loading (T1 and T2)

When I open TaxCycle, I’d really like to try to make the process more seamless, but I don’t know if I’m just clueless. (Feel free to comment if necessary…:neutral_face:)

One thing bugs me, and two things I’d like to do.

The bug is simple but annoying. Every time I update the file, the Quick Search bar moves to the right side. I want it on the left and have to move it each update. Is there a default setting?

Now the real stuff:
I’d like, when I open TaxCycle to be able to open it at T1 or T2, each with the appropriate “style” of Quick Search up and open.

So I have (for instance) and similarly for each of T1 and T2 a “workflow listing” which has incomplete files listed, or a “full listing” of ALL files completed for the past couple of fiscal years. Depending on what I’m doing I want to open:

T1/workflow OR T1/full
T12 workflow OR T2/full

Can I do this by editing the target in the shortcut or any other way? Seems that it’s kinda clunky to open, choose T1 or T2, set the search style and then maintain each window for each type of client each day I’m working.

(I do understand that I can open TaxCycle, choose the QuickSearch and then just leave it. Then open a second instance and set that one. I’m looking for a simpler, cleaner method if it exists. I find the switching back and forth somewhat clunky.)