Client Manager Issues


Is anyone else having issues with client manager?

I go to search and it wont find any files, even though everything is indexed correctly?

Any suggestions would be great!!!

Same - just updated TC to v11.045841.0 and Client Manager is unable to list any files. It’s just blank.

I reindexed and it found 1159 files…but doesn’t list anything, regardless of filter. Even a new search shows no files. Ugh.

Exact same issue here.

I had similar issue. Was sporadic. Also, keeps asking me if I want to update to software & TaxCycle closes and now download.

I had some issues - somewhat different - until I activated my current licence.

Had some Client Manager issues with last update as described by @SmallBizGuy. Also files issues as pictured.

What happened with Options and settings during uninstall and reinstall?

The update to v11.045841.0 (and DoxCycle) appear to be full downloads as shown on the readme…go to the website, download and install. (Mine did the same - tried it from the TC client but nothing happened until I did the full install.)

Finally got files to show up:
Restarted TC, clicked on Client Manager first…files showed up. THEN I went to my Quick Searches and appropriate files showed up…hopefully now that sticks.

I’m glad that it is working now. Though this should have worked out of the box. If you are willing to share your Client Manager log file(s), I would like to review them to see what might have caused this. If you could please email I can take it from there.

@Andrew Is there a default name/location for that file? I just did a search through my TC folder and AppData for “log”, but didn’t find anything useful…

I am also having the same issues with the client manager since updating my workstation to the latest version (11.0.45841.0).

Possibly related, we’ve been unable to update our server computer to the latest version. Part way through the update process an error message appears saying that the update could not be completed, and it rolls back to the previous version. Perhaps this version mismatch between our server and the individual employee computers is what’s causing the client manager issue?

yup, client manager is DOA here as well

@SmallBizGuy The default location is. C:\ProgramData\Trilogy\Services\Log\ You will find the log files here. The server creates a new log file each day.

I too have no files showing in CM. Happened after the latest TC update

@andrew It’s in your email.

CM shows only the files created after the update. Almost everyone experiencing this issue, Is there a fix for this?

The logs show that Client Manager is failing to index the older competitor files. Though this shouldn’t stop Client Manager from indexing the remaining files.

The overnight index report looks like it is picking up the right number of files and attempting to index them.

TaxCycle also keeps log files. They are located here in this folder: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Trilogy\Log. Would you be also to email those logs from a couple of days ago when the search didn’t work?

In your email - logfiles from both prior to and subsequent to update and reindexing.

For myself, any new file created after the update, and any file I ‘manually’ open via file explorer from where I store my files will be indexed by Client Manager only. Once a file is opened in the newest version, it has no issues in the file manager.