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Client Manager - not showing profile files

I am positive that I was able to get my profile files showing up in the client manager before the last update. I can’t seem to get them to show up now. I don’t have Tax Cycle files only selected in the filters so I am not sure what else could be the issue.

I even went as far as deleting the client server, stopping and restarting. I have restarted tax cycle. I have version : 3.2.25570.0. Windows 7. Any ideas?

Is it just the ProFile files that don’t show up (for all years)? Can you try re-indexing your tax returns?

There was a recent update to how we read ProFile files, but that shouldn’t have affected what you already had referenced in your Client Manager database.


Another obvious one that you may have already tried, but can you double check that your monitored folders include the folders where you have your ProFile files?

~ Cameron

Well I deleted the server and started over again. Now it’s not seeing anything. Rebooted my computer – allowed windows file wall. Tried it as a private server then not private. According to the log files, it’s telling me it can’t see the files on the network - no permissions. I am the admin and I haven’t changed any privileges, but perhaps there is a setting I need to change? Does the client manager run as some sort of special user I have to grant access to? Do I have to run it on the machine that has the files?

It’s not a real server just a Win7 box with shared drives, but do I need to do anything special? On my desktop?

I store all my files by customer and year and the ALL relevant files under there. Not by program type. So both profile and taxcycle files would be in the same place.

It’s really weird because it was showing me the files before. Something has changed – just not sure what.

Do I need to treat the other computer as a “Server” and set up the special permissions as indicated in the help? I just find it odd that I didn’t have to do that before.


Did you have any TaxPrep files in any directory? If so, today’s update should solve your issue.

~ Cameron

The Client Manager runs under a different account than what you use to log into to your computer. It uses the Windows built in SYSTEM user account. It’s possible that the SYSTEM user account doesn’t have permissions to read your shares, even though they are on the same computer.

You can check this using Windows Explorer:

  1. Find the folder is shared (note this may be a parent folder of where the returns are located - it should already be shared).
  2. Right-click on that folder and select Properties.
  3. Select the Sharing tab.
  4. Click the Advanced Sharing button (Windows may ask you to elevate here).
  5. Select the Permissions button on the advanced sharing dialog.
  6. If SYSTEM isn’t listed under “Group or user names” at the top, add the SYSTEM user to the share.
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. Enter SYSTEM into the text box.
  9. Click OK.

By default, the SYSTEM user account should have access to all shares.

@michelle if yopu need help i would call the people at taxcycle

I solved my problem. I followed the instructions in the documentation that suggested that I have the TaxCycle Server sign on as another user (basically me) instead of the system account. I can see ALL my files now along with the icons showing whether it’s a Profile or a TaxCycle file. The system account apparently didn’t have the privileges to ‘see’ the shared network drive even though the shares show access.

So I don’t know if it was the TaxCycle upgrade or one of the many MS upgrades we get, but now I am back to what I had before – a display of all my tax files.

Thanks to everyone who responded.